Frequently Asked Questions

Four simple steps on our website: 1.Click on 'ORDER NOW' and click on the product 2. Enter the postcode and check delivery availability in your area 3. Select weekly subscription or one off order 4. Select the quantity of bottles and click Add to cart to complete your details and payment.
Orders placed during any week (Mon to Sun) will be delivered the following week on Wednesday. Email reminders are usually sent on the day once the driver is out with your delivery as well as once the milk is delivered.
Please email us at with your gate pin or specific delivery notes so we can add a note for our driver on your account.
Yes, we still need you to wash your bottles before they can be picked up by our driver. Just a thorough water rinse to ensure no milk residue is left inside the bottle or the lid will do. If the bottles are not cleaned, it will allow the bacteria to settle in for longer periods of time as it takes a few days before the bottles reach the bottling plant for sanitisation.
Rinse your bottle with cold water first, put the lid back on and give it a good shake. Check that all milk residue is off the bottle inside and out and especially around the thread at the top. If there is milk residue on the bottle use a bottle brush to remove it especially inside. Let the bottle dry upside down so that there is no condensation before you put the cap back on.
We pick up our bottles upon redelivery to reacquiring customers. We take our bottles back to our bottling plant to be fully deep cleaned, sanitised, washed again and then back on the bottling plant belt for refilling. We get an average of 50-60 reuses per bottle and thats why we brought back glass bottles to do our bit to reduce the landfill caused by milk bottles.
Home delivery customers receive the milk with 8-10 days of shelf life.
We send 2 Email updates. First email is sent on the day once the driver is out with your delivery and Second email is sent once the milk has been delivered to your address.
You need to register yourself on our website to have access to manage your subscription account. You can click on Manage my subscription and do the following - Pause future orders by clicking on Edit future order, Change delivery frequency to weekly, fortnightly or monthly by clicking on Change Frequency, update payment, updated Shipping address, update your future orders quantity under Products in my subscription - click on Edit to update quantity, skip an order under Manage upcoming orders, view order history and Cancel subscription.
Yes, Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused anytime.
Our milk is pasteurised only.
Bottles with Gold lids are Whole milk & bottles with White lids are Light milk. We've made this change until alternative labeling is found that doesn't have adhesives that damage our caps and bottling station to ensure we get a long life out of our reusable packaging.
We don’t have any bobby calves which means that all of our calves get to grow up and live a long healthy life. Some farmers have bobby calves which means they are unfortunately slaughtered at 4 days old which is just horrible! All of our calves are either reared up and put back into the herd or sold to lifestyle block farmers where they can carry on their life. We take animal health very seriously and ensure that the calves receive the best possible up-bringing. Typically in farming calves get taken off within the first 12 hours but we leave ours on for 36-48 hours to ensure they receive their first 10 or so feeds of colostrum and get enough time together. They then go into warm enclosed facilities with soft bedding for them. They have fresh warm milk available to them 24/7 along with water, lucerne and muesli to ensure they’re getting all the minerals and nutrients they need. We love adlib feeding because the calves can come and drink whenever and however much they feel like. In relation to farming practices. We hold ourselves high in this regard. We have received environmental awards over the years. We work very closely with the Department of Conservation to ensure we’re doing the best for our land. We carry out soil monitoring daily to test for moisture levels. We also ensure very low fertiliser levels and every single paddock is individually tested to make sure we have no nitrogen leaching. We use N-Protect in the warmer months of the year which stops volatilisation and improves our green-house gas footprint. All of our waterways are fenced off with riparian native plantings along all of them to the extent that we have now planted over 10,000 native plants on our farm. We work very closely with our vets to have a comprehensive animal health plan. 4 times a year we have our vets come in and do a welfare check on every single animal. Any process we do on the farm we ensure the vets have approved it. We have a spring-fed drain which we have invested in a bioreactor to filter nutrients and sediment which would otherwise end up in the nearby lakes. The water leaving our property in the streams has tested to be 50% cleaner than the water coming into our farm from neighbouring properties which we’re really proud of because you never hear of farms improving water quality! This is just one of the things we are working on with the Department of Conservation That’s just some of our farming practices to name a few. We have a huge emphasis on if the cows are happy then so are we. We do the most we can for all of our animals and want other farms to follow in our footsteps.

Our milk delivery service gets delicious glass bottled fresh milk delivered straight to your door!