Frequently Asked Questions

To keep milk fresh upon order we milk our girls every Tuesday morning, bottle it that day and have it transported to Auckland chilled and ready for delivery from Thursday morning onwards. We capture all orders from the week prior every Sunday night at 6-7pm for all orders the previous week from Sunday - Sunday. This is to give notice to our bottling team of the weeks quantities ahead the night prior so we move like clock work and get orders in on-time. If you specifically require a day or time, please reach out to us in Email - and we'll happily help.
We pick up our bottles upon redelivery to reacquiring customers. We take our bottles back to our bottling plant to be fully deep cleaned, sanitised, washed again and then back on the bottling plant belt for refilling. We get an average of 50-60 reuses per bottle and thats why we brought back glass bottles to do our bit to reduce the landfill caused by milk bottles.

Our milk delivery service gets delicious A2 protein milk in glass bottles delivered straight to your door!