Feel'n Seedy Revival Drink - Bulk Buy

Sure to be a hit with millennials who live life in the fast lane and busy kiwis who need an energy boost

  • Lightly carbonated to add a refreshing fizz.
  • Contain special ingredients to revitalise and hydrate.
  • Multi B & C vitamins.
  • Kudzu Root extract which has been used in Chinese medicine since at least 200 BC. It is used to reduce the symptoms of a hangover – including headache and upset stomach

- 330ml glass bottles
- 14 bottles in one carton
- Price below is per carton


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Olivia from Takapuna, Auckland ordered 4 bottles❤️

About whole milk

Milk done the proper way. Kelsey Lane Creamery’s fresh milk comes from happy Kiwi cows, who roam free on lush pastures in Kaipaki. It’s naturally delicious whole milk that’s bottled fresh and delivered to your door. Non-homogenised (a fancy way of saying non-filtered), you’ll taste the richness of cream in a deliciously thick whole milk. It contains all the goodness of normal milk yet it’s easier on tummies.

Once you’ve ordered, listen for the clink of glass bottles on your doorstep. When you’re done, we’ll pick the bottles up and recycle or re-use them. This leaves you to sit back and enjoy, knowing you’re doing good for you, your tummy and the planet.


Here is why to order from us

Fresh & Healthy

Our milk is processed and bottled fresh on the same day the cows are milked. When we say fresh milk we mean there's nothing added and nothing taken away from it!

Happy Kiwi cows

Our cows live on lush pastures in Kaipaki, Waikato that are sustainably and naturally farmed, because we know happy cows make the best creamy milk.

Easy & Eco

Bring the clink of glass milk bottles back to your doorstep with fresh, delicious glass bottled milk delivered direct to your door – just like the way milk was.